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Qigong: with Tim Lyne

The ancient healing art of Qigong is a wonderfully effective way for you to cultivate physical strength and flexibility, deepen your breath capacity, reduce physical and emotional stress, and ease mental tension.

The key to a successful qigong practice is doing it!

The practice is simple and easy to learn and the health and longevity benefits, enormous!


White Willow Swing

In a typical class you could expect to practice a combination of the following – 

  • Postural alignment and the “Basic Stance”.
  • Wake up exercises.
  • Heaven, Man, Earth Qigong.
  • Swings of the White Willow.
  • Eight Palm Qigong.
  • Eight Brocade Qigong.
  • Standing Qigong and the microcosmic orbit.

Remember to breath!!!

  • Breathing is the most important thing you do from moment to moment!
  • Breathing nourishes your physiology with the oxygen it requires for healthy organ and brain function and you cannot survive without it.
  • If your breathing were blocked even momentarily you would panic and fight to regain your breath.
  • Shallow, weak breathing does not support your physiology sufficiently and can be directly linked to anxiety, panic attacks, lethargy and poor concentration to name a few.

I offer group qigong classes every Thursday morning from 7.30am to 8.30am at the Jade Tortoise unless it’s raining. You can also have private one-on-one or group qigong lessons; simply enquire at the clinic for booking details and costs.


When people are born they are supple,

and when they die they are stiff.

When trees are born they are tender,

and when they die they are brittle.

Stiffness is thus a companion of death,

flexibility a companion of life.

So when an army is strong,

it does not prevail.

When a tree is strong,

it is cut for use.

So the stiff and strong are below,

the supple and yielding on top.