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Increasing your immunity naturally with Acupuncture and TCM

by Chantelle Muellner, Acupuncturist.


With winter around the corner it is wise to start immune preparation now before you get hit with the common cold or have to take a week off work because of the nasty flu.
In Chinese medicine, we love warmth. It’s important to keep your neck and shoulders warm especially now as it’s starting to cool down. By staying warm your body doesn’t have to excessively try to protect itself from the wind and cold temperatures causing your immunity to tire out. Keeping a light jacket or scarf with you in the car or keeping the bedroom window only slightly open instead of fully drawn can help immensely.

Acupuncture treatments can effectively stimulate your own white blood cells (immune cells) otherwise known as T cells. These incredible cells are responsible for our immune function and when they are weak, our immune system is weak. The acupuncture pins are placed in specific acu-points, which can trigger off an immune response, this strengthens and enhances your body’s overall ability to naturally keep these winter pathogens (cold and flu’s) at bay.

Having high levels of stress (high levels of cortisol stress hormone) can impact your health negatively especially your immunity. Acupuncture and massage both make you feel more relaxed. We use acupuncture points that enhance Oxytocin (this is our relaxin hormone) and serotonin (our happy hormone). Enhancing both these hormones in treatment can ultimately make you feel more chilled out, happier & healthier.

We can also prescribe natural Chinese herbal medicine formulae and supplements that can keep your immunity strong and are gentle on the body. Regular treatments and Chinese herbal formulae can give you strengthening and protection over the winter months.

Whilst we start moving into the cooler months, it is important to listen to our bodies and ensure they are nourished with immunity rich foods. Choosing meals that are warm and easily digested rather than cold and raw are going to nourish and fuel your immunity much more efficiently. Try adding in garlic, ginger, or turmeric to your foods and consuming hearty soups. Adding lemon to your water and cooking with sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin have a strengthening effect on energy and immunity.

Seeing an accredited acupuncturist can help naturally give your immunity the boost it needs through the use of acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbal supplements. These treatments can keep your body healthy and keep your immune system strong so you can fight these pathogens/ infections easily and effortlessly.