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Wellness Programs

We recommend our “Your Back Pain Solution” and “Your Pregnancy Solution” Wellness Programs which are specifically tailored to your individual needs particularly when you want get to the bottom of a chronic health concern. They are more cost effective than individual treatments; a reward for your commitment to your health and more holistic because you have access to different practitioners and their specific modalities and areas of expertise all working together on your health goal.

During your initial consult with our practitioners, a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan is established. From here we are able to accurately forecast how long your plan will be and which modalities will be best utilized to achieve your goals.

The beauty of going on a treatment program is that we will then construct your treatment process to include all of your requirements and provide you with a much more comprehensive approach to your health needs than if you were to have just a series of “one-off” treatments.

Your program may include any of the modalities we offer including weekly Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, Heat treatment and Moxabustion, Massage therapy, Cupping, Dietary advice, one on one Qigong classes for improved posture and relaxation purposes, iNLP for behavioral change, Chiropractic services and a Chinese Herbal and or Metagenics supplementation recommendation.

Please ring and talk with us on 02 6680-5602 if you are interested in getting to the bottom of your health concern.